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Dear Music Enthusiasts,

My name is Vítor Sá. I am from Oporto, Portugal and I manage BIFE Productions: Production and Promotion (Radio/Press), Live Sessions, and more.

:: BIFE RadioShow > it is produced in Portugal by myself, in association with BIFE Productions: alternative waves, every Sunday from 22:00 - 24:00 hours local time, Oporto 107.8 FM, covering all genres of dance music including drum'n'bass, electronic, hip hop, RnB, electro, house, techno, dub, jazz, soul, breaks and broken beats, plus experimental, world music, post-punk/rock and so on... I´m into anything as long its original and has got soul. I also present a cultural guide about clubbing, theatre, cinema, arts, fashion, literature, human rights, ecology... The past walks along the present and all kinds of music and arts live in the same line heading the future; crossing boundaries, challenging norms, breaking rules that limit.

Well, BIFE organisation continues to grow, incorporating a wide spectrum of sounds and ideas with the restless energy of a born innovator.


> BIFE RadioShow #275 (April 18, 2004) record of the week: V/A - "DFA - Compilation #1" (DFA 2004). Electro vibes with punk attitude.

> BIFE RadioShow #274 (April 11, 2004) record of the week: Tali - "Lyric On My Lip" (Full Cycle 2004). Music for hands, heads and feet. Great album! Amazing drum'n'bass vibes.

> BIFE RadioShow #273 (April 04, 2004) record of the week: DJ Marky & XRS - "In Rotation" (Innerground Music 2004). Tropical drum'n'bass from Brazil!

> BIFE RadioShow #272 (March 28, 2004) record of the week: Trans Am - "Liberation" (Thrill Jockey 2004). Fantastic! Amazing.

::: BIFE RadioShow playlist (in no particular order!):
01. DJ Marky & XRS – “Lk” (featuring Stamina Mc) – Innerground Records
02. Tali – “High Hopes (All Over Now)” – Full Cycle Records
03. Four Tet – “As Serious As Your Life” (Jay Dee rmx) - Domino
04. Trio Mocotó – “Beleza! Beleza! Beleza!” – Ziriguiboom
05. Beanfield – “Vertigoheel” – Compost
06. Izzy Dunn – “Fire” (Unsung Heroes mix) – FireworX/Difference
07. Trans Am – “White Rhino” – Thrill Jockey
08. Sixtoo – “Boxcutter Emporium” – Ninja Tune
09. Jaga Jazzist – “Day” (Herbert’s Garden mix) – Ninja Tune
10. Noiseshaper – “Good Enough pt.1” (feat. Farda P) – Different Drummer
11. Ennio Morricone – “Le Foto Proibite…” (Alex Attias rmx) – Compost

I´m looking for international contacts! I would be grateful if you could keep me up to date with what´s going on at open minded labels with regular news about future releases, merchandise, live shows, DJing, promos, and loads of other stuff. Promo copies, RadioShows, DJ sets (CD format, please), publications (books, magazines, fanzines, printed newsletters), suggestions, ideas, events, and so on... would be apreciated. Please send them to the BIFE postal address.

I would like to get in touch with independent labels, DJs, magazines, Radios, general organisations (connected with arts, fashion, literature, human rights, ecology, etc) who work with the same kind of spirit, and look forward to international expansion. Make the connection! BIFE Productions is 100% on open minded music! Anyone interested feel free to co-operate with BIFE!!

Do you wanna co-operate with BIFE? Open Minded Artists, DJs, Producers, Labels & Fans @ BIFE RadioShow?!! Why not?...

Thank you for your support! And anything you need from Portugal, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Keep Up The Great Work!!!

All the best to you!

Vítor @ BIFE


BIFE Productions (Radio/Press > Vítor Sá)
P.O. Box 2151, 4471-908 Castêlo da Maia, Oporto, Portugal

infoline: 00 351 96 686 22 94
e-mail: [email][/email]

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