Boy Band Members Wanted

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Hi there,

I’m currently managing a boy band for release later this year. Having worked in the industry for the last 4 years I have a large contact base including major labels and managers, whom investor ready. We have 6 tracks for an album waiting to be recorded. I also have an invested interested into one o the UK's leading video and media produciton companied.
I have held auditions for the last 4 months, and I'm still searching for 2 members. Please could you send a CV and Demo to me if possible, if you are interested in this career opportunity.

Mr A G Unwin.



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    Hi, If you have any auditions for a boy band member again in the future, please let me know Ide love to audition.

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    Hi Alex I saw your add about the boyband and was wondering if your still holding auditions. Me and my mate have been singing together and tried to group a boyband before, but its never worked out....I will send you my CV$tomorrow. Just wanted to quickly send you a message incase you close the auditions. I have a tune on itunes and Amazon mp3 called izzi: 'without you'$$but I'll send it to you for free if u wanna listen. Thx....Israel
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