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STEVE EMELLI (HHC) - How did you manage to get Kurupt back on the label?
S. KNIGHT - I told him he needed to come back. I took care of a few problems he had, he was having some financial problems. I reminded him that he done his best work whilst on Tha Row, and should have been a superstar by now. I love Kurupt, he's a loyal person unlike many of his peers. He never said nuthin tryna downtalk me whilst I was locked-up, its great to have him back here. He's gonna be a huge player in this game.
STEVE EMELLI - What about Daz, is he coming back too perhaps?
S. KNIGHT - Daz is a very angry young man right now. You see all this noise he be yappin. He's like a mad little girl who's had her barbie doll snatched away. See when Kurupt was on Antra and was losing money every day almost, nobody was tryna help him. Not Daz, not Snoop, Dre...none of them. I heard about it, and straight away I got in talks with him. I wanted to sign him again anyway, but this just made me move faster because I wanted to help him out of a difficult situation. You see Daz thought him and Kurupt were so tight that nothing like Kurupt coming back to Tha Row could ever happen. And dont get me wrong, they are real close, but Daz didn't know nothing about Kurupt coming back. I got people at my offices that see Daz on the internet starting rumours about joining the armed forces n stuff. Next day he's doing something else. He's trying to make some noise for himself, trying to take the spotlight off of Kurupt. It wont happen though. Daz is desperate. What you gotta remember is, this kid has been moved on and passed around all his life. Nobody wanted him, until when he got on Tha Row, I showed all of them that somebody could be there. But now he's back in that position where nobody wants him. Kurupt has come back to me. Snoop is Daz's own damn cousin and even he barely does songs with him thesedays. Dre don't mess with Daz. All Daz got is his little independant nobodies to hang around with. It's sad really.
STEVE EMELLI - Have you heard about that Death Row Killer album he's putting out?
S. KNIGHT - Oh now that's funny. Yeah I heard bout it. That's how they do things see. Talk all that drama on record rather than come see a man face to face. It's like the difference between boys and men. Like Snoop. If you wanna talk strictly from a rap point of view I'll tell you one thing though, ain't nobody they could get on that record that could mess with Crooked I in a battle. If they try and diss us and all this, and I tell Crooked like, "Hey, these fools is tryna start something, go get em"...(laughs), haha, they wont know what hit them.
STEVE EMELLI - Puffy is supposedly on the album some say
S. KNIGHT - Look dogg I'll tell you this now, there's no way in hell Puffy will be on that record. And if he is, well there's no, no, no, no way that he'll be saying anything about me or my record label. They might have some little skit where he's saying something, but you can bet right now he won't be throwing no disses out there. Puffy is one man I know is a scared little negroe. What you gotta understand is, I've tried to meet this guy like four times since I been out of jail. In New York, I said come down, let's talk. But nothing. I mean I wanted to sit down and talk with this guy in the middle of Manhattan in a damn restaurant and still this guy dont wanna see me.
STEVE EMELLI - So you aren't worried about this "Killer" album then?
S. KNIGHT - Worried? About what? They'll drop that album, if they even have the balls to do that, it'll sell probably 10,000 copies and be forgotten about within a week. Every single person they have on there still won't have the nerve to see me and look me in my eye and say nuthin, it'll still be the same as before. Ain't nothing. Let me tell you this though, If Daz is sayingt, "Hey, I'm a Death Row killer", then basically he's saying "Hey yo, I'm a Kurupt killer", because Kurupt is every bit reppin Tha Row again now. He got that chain on everywhere, because he respect the game, he respect me and he respect Tha Row, and what it's done for him again. Putting him back on his feet, making him an executive in charge on new upcoming artists, and saying we'll make him the star he should be. Daz can make his little records, he's the mad rapper now I guess huh. But Kurupt is enjoying himself.
STEVE EMELLI - Just finally on this, how has Kurupt been since he came back? I mean he left all his friends, everything he knew. It's a whole different roster on the label now isn't it, how has he fitted in?
S. KNIGHT - It's family man, we a family. He already knew Crooked I, they knew each other. Eastwood he met before, and he's really tight with Left Eye so he was comfortable to come back. And it's crazy, him and Crooked have been in the studio banging out some hits for sure. They done this one song just the other day, called "Earth Girls Are Easy". They just rap back and forth about broads, its a hilarious track though. And him and Eastwood got some heat together too. We're making them hits again


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