What's that band with the female sax player?

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Sorry for the odd post...

I'm looking to figure out a band that I saw on a random hotel room channel while in london. I'm assuming it was a UK rock band, but I'm really not sure. I remember enjoying the music this band played, but I don't remember their name nor the song.

If you can help me figure it out... I remember that there was a female saxophonist, and she was quite attractive. I think that's why I originally didn't change the channel. Then I ended up enjoying the music and wanted to see if their other songs were any good.

If you can help me figure it out, I'd appreciate it.

I think I remember something written on the drum set, but that could be just the brand of the drum. So I don't want to say it and confuse those trying to think of the band... but if I had to guess it was like... zultan, zolton, fulton, maybe something with a name similar to the way those sound, but that may not be the band name, so hopefully that didn't ruin it.

If you have any thoughts... could you e-mail me if you think you know it?
email= insemnia{at}gmail{dot}com (replace words in the brackets).


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    i think you are talking about the zutons ;)
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    Danielle, that's it. I love you.

    Now, be honest... did I waste my time trying to figure out who they were, or is their music actually good?
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    they have a couple of good songs, not to everyones taste really, but i would recommend seeing them live......oh your welcome and i love you too lol!!
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    The Zutons are a good live band, first saw them supporting Muse around the time of their first album. Dave McCabe's beard growing abilities have been a constant wonder.

    Abi Harding - best legs in music? Discuss.
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    If she's the sax player... then yes, I agree about her legs. Perhaps that's why I'm going to listen to the current album.

    Danielle, if this band works works out for me... then I'll thank you and love you forever. So consider this a potential engagement. Tell your mom.
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    oh my mum is crying tears of joy as we speak lol!!!
    and are engagement is not even offical yet....lol
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